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Random stuff you can try:
1) >Greentext!
2) Putting # at the end of your name to get a tripcode
admin can we get imgs pls
this is a 'text'-board dude..
testing yo

cool board

well this is a very nice little board

hello there every one im gonna try and host this my self yeeer

hello there this is a shit post

taaa trip coeeeddee





Hi guys


I did what you did with "Curses! – A Post That Ends Up Being About Capturing Ncurses Output And Converting It To HTML" except I did it with angband. Neat. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
I know this is a year late, but that's cool! Did anything come of it you could share? I guess maybe it's similar to what nethack.alt.org did for nethack?

I was just searching for that type of textboard. I'm having a hard time implementing it on Wordpress ( plugin option not showing up for some reason) but I'll get it to work.
Thanks for creating it by the way.

First post on this board with correct numbering?!
Second post with correct numbering?!
Okay, mostly correct. The database decided it didn't want to let me have '1', but that's okay. We'll survive.